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Peggy Worrell

Image #1 of Peggy WorrellPeggy Worrell is in love with short stories. Her first teacher told her about the seven-year apprenticeship required of writers. Now at the end of this apprenticeship, her manuscript of short fiction is ready for publication. Stories told to Peggy during her life as a social worker have become fodder for her writing. It is no surprise then that shame, loss, aging, and wishful thinking figure into her work. Dreary? Perhaps. Depressing? No. Peggy has enjoyed some modest success in the world of contests and publication. Her story “Liam the Leprechaun” was broadcast on CBC Radio on St. Patrick’s Day. She wishes to acknowledge the SK Arts Board for a grant to support her writing and to enable her to study at The Banff Centre for two weeks. Peggy is married to James and has one foot in Swift Current and one foot in a cabin at a northern lake.  www.pjworrell.com


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